Compressor Humor

The day when we moved into our current home, we were extremely busy and worn out, like anyone would be with any move like that. We pushed a few boxes and unassembled furniture around to get some floor space and plunked out mattress down on the ground to get some well needed rest.

I was so tired, I didn't notice that the compressor was about 16" from my head. The end of the hose was in the other room where we were spraying soapy water to remove wall paper. Several hours passed while we were blissfully asleep, unaware that the air was slowly escaping from the tank with a hiss at the spray gun in the other room that couldn't be heard.

In the dead silence of the night, while we were sleeping, the compressor cycled and made a NOISE that could only be described as a bomb hitting our house or possibly the end of the world. I was so taken by fear I was completely unable to speak. I tried to yell "look out" but nothing but a moan came out as I threw my self on my wife in an effort to protect her from harm.

It was, beyond a shawdow of a doubt, the worst fear I'd ever had in my life. It took several minutes (if not more) for me to catch my breath.  My wife still laughs when we remember that night. Well, I laugh a bit now too

Silly Uses for Compressed Air

A friend of mine said that he had piped his basement and garage for air with galvanized pipe, but ran black pipe for his outdoor grill. Well, I mistook what he meant and thought he ran compressed air instead of gas, to his outdoor grill. Man, I thought, what a great way to clean the grill off, using compressed air. Bet you could also clear smoke away pretty quickly with 135 PSI too.

Then I thought, you could pipe compressed air:

  • up to the bathroom - no more hair dryers. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • to the shower - no more towels. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • bedroom - super fluffed up pillows. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • kitchen oven - really fluffed up cakes and pizza crusts. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • kitchen table - crumbs? Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • kitchen floor - crumbs? Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • home office - no more dust in the keyboard. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • den - lost the remote, just a blast of air towards the VCR should hit the right buttons. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • playroom - easy way to clean up toys: blast them to one corner. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • garden - blast those weeds right out of the ground. Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • front lawn - raking leaves? gas power leaf blower? Nah! Phsssszzzzzzzzppp ;)
  • Forget about a built in central vacuum system, I don't want sissy plastic tubing in my walls, I want iron pipe thoughout my house with a quick-connect compressed air fitting in each room!

    © 2008 Mark Goodall