Large Compressor Plumbing

I found that Lowes had the best selection and prices for brass plumbing and compressor accessories. Most of the brass fittings were found in the plumbing section, rather than the tool corral with the compressor accessories. The 1/2" cut-off ball-valve came with the compressor, but I repositioned it.

Starting at factory supplied main brass fitting coming from the tank that has the gauge, safety-value and pressure-switch..... there's a brass 1/2" coupling (male-male), 1/2" 90 degree bend (female-female), 1/2" coupling (male-male), the original 1/2" cutoff 300PSI valve, 1/2" male to 3/8" female reducer, 3/8" coupler (male-male), DeVillbiss filter/regulator, 3/8" male to 1/4" female reducer, 1/4" quick connect compressor fitting.

All brass fittings and teflon tape gave me a zero PSI drop over 2 weeks with the cutoff valve closed and no noticable leaks after the cutoff valve. I leave the tank fully charged all the time, but switch off power, close the air shut-off valve, purge the filter/regulator and drain the tank of mositure each night.

© 2008 Mark Goodall