Bandsaw Dust Port

The only shortcoming on the Deta 14" bandsaw is it's dust collection. With it's small shop vac hose port, even connected to the dust collector, it's 30% effective at most. Here's a simple modification that increases double the effectiveness. It brings it up to 60% which is still not great, but better than the original and easier that cutting a 4" hole in the bottom front door.

Basically it's a 45° black ABS "street-bend" plumbing fitting. The flared end goes toward the bandsaw blade guides and the straight end towards the dust collector. The "street-bend" fitting with it's smaller end, allows you to simply place a 4" flex hose connector inside the ABS tube and then connect the flex hose to the connector. I used a small piece, ½"x¾"x2", of alumiunum bar to attach it to the bandsaw. Two vertical ¼" holes allow it to be bolted inside the ABS fitting. I used carriage bolts with nylon grip nuts to prevent the nuts from coming loose. Another ¼" hole drilled horitonally in the bar allows you to use a ¼-20 bolt to attch it to the bandsaw using the same threaded hole that the original dust port uses.

This doesn't doesn't achieve complete dust collection effectiveness, but it's areally quick and easy way to increase it substanatially.

© 2008 Mark Goodall