Bandsaw Light

If you have a bandsaw, you need a light. Everyone does. And everyone has a different way of attaching a light. I wanted something that would put the light right where it's needed, right at the top blade guides, but at the same time I didn't want to have a long awkward neck. My solution was to place a short necked lamp on the top of the guide bar, so when the guides were raised or lowered the lamp was too. It's not the easiest method of attaching a light to a bandsaw, but it works really well and looks half decent too.

A short piece of 1" square steel tube was used. I drilled and tapped a ¼-20 hole vertically in the top of the bandsaw guide rod. The square metal tube has a hole in the top and bottom to attach to the guide rod. Another pair of holes allow the lamp to attach and the electric cord to pass through. Rubber gromments protect the wire as it passes through the holes in the square metal tube. Plastic end caps give it a "finished" look. The 16/2 wire goes to the switch box.
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© 2008 Mark Goodall