Handy Hand-Trucks

Several years ago, when moving from province to province and then country to country started becoming a habit, I invested in one of those handy "hand-trucks" from HomeDepot. You know the ones, metal frame, two fat rubber wheels, costs about $35, the ones movers use alot.

Well, I recently realized how handy they are in the shop. You see, I usually end up with a dozen pieces of plywood usually 2'x4' (cause that's what fits in my car's trunk) waiting for a project that I just never gets started. They usually sit (well, lean actually) against the wall in the garage workshop and like everything else, it's in the way. One day, I decided to move them for one side of the shop to another. Got out the old handy hand-truck. Started moving them, they started slipping, so I wrapped a nylon strap around them and the hand-truck
to keep them steady. As typically happens, I didn't get more than halfway accross the shop, when I realized my shoptime was up and had to go into the house. So Ijust left it there. A few days later, I had to get something and moved it a few feet out of the way.

Hey, this is easy I thought! Why didn't I think about this before? I've got just about everything else on mobile bases, why not this??? So I went out to Lowes (I like to balance my purchases between both HomeDepot and Lowes) and bought a second hand-truck..... not a second-hand truck ;)  These hand-trucks are really handy. If you can put wheels on a 500lb tablesaw, why not or your sheetgoods stock?

© 2008 Mark Goodall