Lathe Gouge Holder

I'm always looking for quick ways to store tools. As much as I love those gorgeous workshop cabinets and tool holders made with hardwoods and exotic woods, I prefer to keep my expensive hardwoods for stuff destined for the inside of the house and use quick, cheap materials for the workshop.

After I started using my lathe, I soon realized how convenient a gouge holder of some sort would be. I thought about just using a piece of wood with holes drilled through, so I could slide the gouges in. But I thought that the gouges would probably hit each other, so I wanted something to protect them from each other. I grabbed some 1" and 1½" diameter PVC pipe, cut them into 12" lengths, and glued a 35¢ connector to the end of each one. I simply slid these pipes into the slots on my lathe stand. I also drilled some 1½" holes into a small piece of wood and slid the pipes into them to help keep the pipes steady on the lathe. They are inexpensive, really handy, and very quick to make.
© 2008 Mark Goodall