Machinery Cabinet Upgrade

Nothing looks and feels as good as a hefty machine on a substantial cabinet. But unless you're lucky enough to inherit old machinery made in the days when they didn't skimp on the cast iron and used it in the cabinet base, you'll have machines on sheet metal cabinets.

Nothing wrong with them, except, how many times do you bump into them, drop something on one or lower your mobile base too quickly, and hear that tinny clang sound? Even when you move them across the shopfloor they have a hollow sound. You know what I mean.

I want my machines to be hefty, look hefty and SOUND hefty.

So what I do is add some vibration dampening, sound enhanching, dent reducing MDF panels inside the cabinet.

I measure and make samples with paper or cardboard. Using trial and error, I get the correct side and shape. Then I cut out a piece of MDF, and using imaginative use of clamps, I attach the MDF panels to the inside panels of my cabinets using a tube of LiquidNails adhesive.

Once the adhesive dries and the clamps are off, the cabinets sound so much better. I sometimes just rap the side with my knuckles to hear the pleasant "thud". Plus if I ever have the unfortunate experience of bumping something into the side of a machine there is less chance that the sheet metal will suffer any unsightly dings and dents as the MDF reinforces it from behind.

So if you, like me, laugh when you see the football player on TV who looks big and mean, until he opens his mouth to say something and sounds like a girl, think about this machinery cabinet upgrade as you switch to another TV station!

© 2008 Mark Goodall