24 The number of teeth on a typical 10" ripping blade.
30 The number of 2"x4"x8' pine studs you can fit in a 1996 Toyota Camry. That's with the the trunk closed and two back seats folded down frontwards and the front passenger seat reclined all the way back. I hadn't even thought about how many would fit in the car until after I left the cash register and was rolling the trolley to my car. I bought as many as I thought I needed to finish my project and had loaded about half of them into the car when it appeared there wasn't going to be enough room for all of them. I anticipated a trip back to the store to the returns counter. Well, I packed them in very efficiently and learned that I could EASILY fit 28. The last two took a little more effort to get in. But they did. All thirty of them.
89 The price ($89) of a Unisaw from a 1939 catalog. This price doesn't include a motor.
144 The number of cubic inches in a board foot. This number doesn't really mean much, but I use it as an opportunity to remind you that a BF (board foot) of lumber is equal to piece that is 1" thick, 12" wide and 1 foot, or 12" inches in length.
224 The weight in pounds of Delta model 28-280 14" bandsaw on a closed cabinet. The actual bandsaw makes up for most of that weight, so get a friend to help lift it on to the cabinet when you set it up.
466 The weight in pounds of a Delta DJ20 jointer, which includes the 37-350 jointer at 335 lbs and the 52-671 enclosed cabinet with a 1.5HP 115/230V motor at 131 lbs. This is according to Delta's web site. When we lifted mine I certainly didn't think that it was inaccurate.
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