The Overloaded Car

Why a trailer is better than a roof rack.

You may have seen this picture already, it has been shown on various places on the internet.
I can't vouch for it's authenticity but I can tell you story as I heard it.

Seems this guy loaded a few too many items on his roof rack. Actually, he doesn't even have a roof rack.
Not much of a car, either.

The story goes that he was warned by a Home Depot employee that it was too much for his car, but that didn't disuade the fearless do-it-yourselfer. He obviously didn't get very far because his car collapsed while he was leaving the parking lot. It must of startled the driver somewhat because he left the car running, with his wife inside, while he went to get help.  Maybe he was just being thoughtful and didn't want his wife to get cold. He should have thought of that while he was strapping the rope through the open windows.

A truck driver who was in the IHOP saw this and grabbed his camera from his cab to take the picture. I can't remember the details of the damage, but we can be sure that it will cost more to fix than if he had purchased a trailer, or rented the delivery truck for crying out loud.

I may have done some dumb things, but I don't think I'm not as stupid as this guy.

© 2008 Mark Goodall