A Woodworker's Wife

Many people refer to their wife as SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed)

but I prefer to refer to her as LOML (Love of My Life).

Who is my wife?

She's the one reason I woodwork.
She's the one who I make projects for.
She's the one who sees something (furniture) in a store and I respond: "I can make that!"
She's the one who I keep up late at night with your loud tools roaring in the workshop.
She's the one that I have convince when I just HAVE to have that new tool.
She's the one who comes to my rescue with bandaids and gauze when I cut myself.
She's the one who patiently waits for me when I loose track of time in a hardware/tool store.
She's the one who sees beyond the imperfect staining job.
She's the one who reminds me to wear a dust mask.
She's the one who is amazed at the results regardless of the complexity of the project.
She's the one I'd build a throne for!

She's the one!

© 2008 Mark Goodall