August 1999

With the birth of our second child, our 2-year old son needed a new bed.
The head board and foot board are made from 8/4 and 5/4 and 4/4 red oak.

Two coats of Watco Golden Oak Danish Oil were followed by a coat of Watco Medium Walnut Danish Oil.
Four coats of Minwax Highgloss Polyurethane were applied on top of that.

The design was my own and you'll notice that is resembles the crib. The center slat is wider than the seven slats on each side.
Each of the 30 slats has a 1/2" tongue that fits into a slot on the top and bottom members of the frame.
The slats are joined side by side with each other using a 5/8" x 1/4" spline between each.




Here's a close up of the headboard showing the grain. The flash didn't work too well.

The following was a message I posted at Badger Pond when I finished the bed:
Well Friends,  the bed is DONE! 

Well almost...... Pictures will come, I promise, but I still have the two 6"x76" side rails to make and attach, but that will have to wait until after vacation... hey it took 6 months to make his bed, it'll take more than a few days to get pictures ;) 

After yet another scramble, this time on Friday afternoon to get the angle iron,  I finished the frame on Saturday.  My steel source moved the day earlier and in a frantic search late Fri afternoon before everyone closed up shop, I accidentally bought a whole bunch of 1/4" instead on 1/8" angle iron.... yikes that stuff is heavy.. strong enough to build a bridge with it.  The 1/2" Magnum sure came in handy drillin hole in that ;) 

By Sunday morning everything was dry (and no longer smelled of wet paint) and we started to assemble the bed before church.   As usual, my 2yr old son helped out while my wife and 3 month old daughter watched.  I now know that the correct name for that hex wrench tool (many hex wrenches, opens out like jack-knife) is a "caterpillar".   And, my little boy can actually use a 7/16" wrench quite well. 

The first test drive of the bed was his Sunday afternoon nap.  Luckily he was tired enough to sleep.  By night time although he appeared to be tired, he got extremely excited when he saw his new bed again.  I am grateful that I made the frame of this trampoline so strong ;) 

After lots of enjoyable excitement, he finally agreed to use his bed to sleep in. 

Just as he was drifting off, I heard him whisper to his "best friend", Grover (the Friendly Blue Monster): 

"Come close Grover.  This is MY bed.  My Daddy made this bed for ME!" 

I'm the happiest guy in the world! 


©2003 Mark Goodall