One of my first woodworking projects

In 1981, when I was 14, I realized the only way I was going to get an electric guitar was to build one myself.
When I finished it, I put together a scrap book of the sketches, photographs and receipts that I accumulated during the 6 month project.

Here is some of what went into that scrapbook.

These two photos were taken in our backyard.  The first was in front on my favorite clump of maple trees,  the second was against our shed.

This was one of the earliest drawings I made along with the receipt for that piece of 8/4 maple I bought with my Dad in November 1981.

Here's a photo of the body blank before it was cut.

Here's a photo of the body after it was cut and routed.
Special thanks to a Mr.Meloche, a kind neighbor who had a Craftsman radial arm saw and router in his basement.

Another friend donated the guitar neck for this project.
All the hardware and electronics were bought at Steve's Music Store in Montreal, Quebec.

Here's a picture of this case I built for it.

I can scan the rest of the scrapbook and put more details and information here if anyone's interested. Email me to let me know if there's interest in seeing the rest.

©2003 Mark Goodall