October 1999 - ???

Not all projects can be fine woodworking. Occasionally you have to get into some rough work.
Like this 8'x12' garden shed.

click on images for larger picture

Two 4"x6"x12' pressure treated skids sit on concrete blocks
(plywood can be seen on trailer in foreground)

Seven 2"x8"x8' pressure treated floor joists on the skids.

Floor is "PT plywood and walls are 2"x4" spruce studs.

Seven roof trusses were "manufactured" in the workshop.

Roof trusses lifted into place and attached to the walls.
(look carefully and you'll see the PC447 I bought for this project)

T1-11 5/8" plywood for the walls and 7/16" OSB for the roof.

The doors were tricky. The white spots are primer over the hinges and nails.

White primer went on easily with the Campbell-Hausefeld 2/3HP airless sprayer.
Another tool I needed for this project.

A view from the back.

Next pictures to come? The finished and painted shed.
As soon as I finish it!

©2003 Mark Goodall