Workshop Tour

A workshop should be where you perform work, but my workshop is where I play and store tools.

Over the years I have managed to assemble enough tools to fill my two car garage workshop. Here are some snapshots.
These pictures were taken quickly after finishing a project (had to get the car in the garage). The shop needs to be tidied up some.

Except for the work bench and drill press, everything is on mobile bases.

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I seem to spend as much time rearranging machines in the shop to make a new machine fit as I do using them.
To be quite honest, these were taken a few years ago and my shop looks a bit different.  I'll update the pictures soon.

Here is a more recent pictures taken after I bought the DJ20 jointer.

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Tool Choices

I usually do alot of research before purchasing a tool and I've learned a few things having bought and owned these tools. Here are some of the tools I use. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Unisaw - 3 HP 1PH motor - right tilt - 30" Biesemeyer fence - Delta Uniguard - mobile base  (it would be hard to beat this combination)
Contractors tablesaw - 1½ HP motor - 30" Unifence  (sold it to buy the Unisaw, but it was a very good saw)
DJ20 jointer  (this 8" jointer has the unique and superior parallelogram design)
14" Grand Edition bandsaw (got the grey one instead of the white to match the other Delta tools, a great bandsaw)
16" 2-speed scroll saw  (my very first Delta tool)
16½" Drill press(replaced my 14" floor model and 8" benchtop model drill presses)
B.O.S.S  (very hand for curved work)
Dust Collector 1200CFM 1½HP (as soon as I bought this I couldn't figure out how I lived without it)
Tenoning jig (one of those things that you can't justify spending money on, until you get one and wished you got it sooner)

Porter Cable
690 router, with fixed base, plunge base and D-handle base  (an industry standard, very versitile system)
352VS belt sander - 3"x21" variable speed (built like a small tank, any bigger and my arms would get tired using it)

12 ½" planer (excellent results from an small planer)
12V drill driver
3/8" drill(s) (very first DeWalt tool)

1/2" Magnum drill (probably the best 1/2" drill made)

My shop is small.....

I have owned two saws, one with a Unifence and the other with a Biesemeyer.  Both times I chose the 30" fence instead of the 52" fence, mostly because my shop is
small.  My shop is smalll so everythings on mobile bases. The Unisaw/Biesemeyer is quite happy on a regular size mobile base ($90) as opposed to needing the extended base ($180) that is IMO required for the 52".

My shop is small, so I can easily move the saw around since it's not as large.

My shop is small, so it's much easier for me to get plywood sheets cut down to approx. size at HD or Lowes, rather than trying to cut full size sheets on the

My shop is small, so it's easier to bring a 7-1/4" circular saw to the plywood, than it is to get enough room around the tablesaw to manage a full size sheet of
plywood. Remember if you rip a 8' piece of plywood you need over 16' of space when the wood moves instead of the saw.

My shop is small, so I prefer to use solid wood rather than plywood anyways. I know, I know, that's got nothing to do with my shop being small, I was just going for

the consistancy thing! I can't imagine needing a 52" fence if it wasn't for sheet goods.

I'm very happy with the 30" fence (which is actually more like 34" with an easy modification).

My next house will have a three car garage!

© 2008 Mark Goodall